I have received a pylon or power line compensation letter from Cambridge Land Consultants – what next?

I have received a pylon or power line compensation letter from Cambridge Land Consultants  – what next?

Cambridge Land Consultants may contact you directly after we have been investigating a claim for a nearby property owner and have discovered that you are also likely to be eligible for a payment. This is due to the impact the power lines have on the value of your property.

While you can’t receive a payout if compensation has already been granted to the property or a previous owner (we can check this for you if you are not sure), this letter should inform you of your potential eligibility for financial compensation as a result of their presence.

Get in touch

If you’ve received your letter from us, it means that we think you have a genuine claim, and now it’s up to you to get in touch. With the help of a dedicated, professional agent, you may be able to receive the maximum compensation available from the company who owns the electricity line.

We will carry out an initial assessment over the phone with you. If we think you are able to make a claim, we will arrange a time and date for one of our qualified team members to come and inspect the property. These initial stages involve absolutely no cost or obligations.

Once you’ve decided to pursue the claim, we will begin the important process of assessing potential losses as a result of the power line’s proximity to your property. This will then be presented to the electricity company, and our negotiations will begin. Most claims take six to eighteen months, so it’s important to get it right.

The compensation you will be offered will vary depending on the electricity apparatus crossing your land, the exact distance between any offending wires and the property/house, and even the voltage being transmitted. For that reason, an on-site survey is vital in preparing the claim report.

During this period, we will keep in regular contact and update you when the best offer is made. If you agree to accept it, the legal paperwork must then be completed (at the electricity company’s expense) in preparation for you to receive your compensation.

With the right help, you can ensure your pylon compensation claim goes as smoothly as possible. You will be well on your way to getting what you really deserve. Contact us today!