You may be eligible to claim

To find out whether you might be eligible to claim compensation, take a look at our eligibility checklist below. If you’re unsure on any of the points, be sure to get in touch with one of our specialist Surveyors, as they will be able to talk you through the requirements.

You may be eligible to claim...

If part of the line – either just a few cables or a pylon – crosses over the boundary of your property or is close enough to temporarily swing over it in windy weather.

If no previous one-off payments have been made (we can check this for you, free of charge). You can still claim if you are receiving an annual wayleave payment.

Even if you bought the property with the lines already there or purchased it at a discount; you can still claim for the decrease in value caused.

If the right to compensation has not been exercised in the past. If you don't know this, we can find out for you.

It does not matter if...

The powerline was constructed several decades ago.

You bought your property after the powerline had been constructed.

You bought your property at a discount because of the powerline and were aware of it at the time.

You have no intention of selling your property now or in the future.

Your property was built recently or after the line was constructed.