Frequently asked questions

Does the line have to actually cross my property to claim?

Yes, in most cases. Please refer to the Eligibility Checklist.

How much compensation will I receive?

Claims can range from £3,000 well into six figures. The amount you receive will vary depending on the value of your property and the size, impact and proximity of the apparatus crossing it. It is also possible to claim for any loss caused to residential or commercial development land. Please contact us and we can provide a no obligation estimate.

How much will it cost me?

We will look into your claim and visit you with no strings attached and for no charge. If you do decide to make a claim, we will undertake all work on a strict no-win, no-fee basis. If the claim fails for any reason there will be no charges to you whatsoever. If we are successful we will charge you a pre-agreed commission.

How long does the process take?

Settling a claim by negotiation can take less than six months in special circumstances. However, it usually takes between 12 to 18 months or possibly longer depending on which electricity company we are dealing with.

My property was built after the lines were constructed. Why am I still able to claim?

The electricity company has no permanent legal right to occupy your property. This means you are entitled to compensation against the full value of your property as it is today. Any previous price or sale of your property is not relevant.

Will claiming give the electricity company rights to upgrade the line?

No. The process specifically does not grant any rights to the electricity company to increase the number of cables, pylons and voltages etc.

Will the claim process be contentious with the electricity companies?

Generally no. Electricity companies wish to avoid any significant legal costs or going to court. The preferred method is to settle claims with property owners directly. Thousands of cases have been settled in this way over the past 10 years.

Will the process result in a sale of the land to the electricity company?

No. You are the property owner and will continue to be so. No sale of any land or property takes place.

What if I want to move during the process?

We may be able to conclude the matter prior to you moving or reserve the right for you to receive compensation after the sale. You will not be charged any fees if you do not complete the claim.

Is a home visit essential?

Yes. We will need to properly assess your property prior to beginning the claim process to view the impact of the line.

I already receive an annual payment for the lines. Does this mean I can’t claim?

No. You are still eligible for a compensation payment.

There is a previous agreement with the electricity company. Can I still claim?

This will depend on the type of agreement. If it is a wayleave agreement, you will still be able to claim. However, if it is an easement then normally you will not be able to. This is because the electricity company will have reserved the rights to keep the line in place, and a compensation payment will already have been paid. If you would like to find out whether any agreements have been made previously, we can find this out for you free of charge.