• Testimonial

    We were delighted to receive this lovely testimonial from clients that we have recently represented in Cornwall. It’s always nice to get feedback from our clients and to hear that we are meeting their expectations!

  • Wooden pole electricity lines – it is now possible to claim

    The electricity companies are now starting to settle compensation claims for wooden poles. Such claims can involve double or single wooden poles, with or without stay wires.

  • What is a ‘swing’ and ‘sag’ pylon compensation claim?

    Some of the most common pylon compensation claims may be for pylons crossing over or near the boundaries of a property, but what many people don’t know is that you may be eligible to a compensation claim as a result of swing or sag from electricity cables—even if the powerline does not directly cross over your property.

  • A recent testimonial

    Another successful claim concluded. Clients continue to be happy with our excellent, personal, service. A recent client from Nottinghamshire has sent us this lovely email today.

  • Landlords and Rural Estates

    If you are a landlord and let your property you too could be entitled to compensation for the effect of pylon lines or wood pole lines crossing your boundaries. We recently undertook a settlement for a landlord in North London that approached £100,000. Settlements can range from a few thousand pounds to six figures for individual properties.

  • Property developers and development land

    We undertake settlements or line diversions for property developers of all scales. If you have a single plot of land with planning permission or several acres of land for large industrial or residential development that is affected by the presence of pylons or wooden poles, please give us a call. Smaller lines can be diverted and substantial six or even seven figure compensation settlements are available in some instances with development land if the electricity line is to remain in place.

  • How long will my claim process take?

    This is a question that is often raised by clients when we first meet with them. The simple answer is that it each claim is different and has various factors that can impact how long the claim will take to conclude. At Cambridge Land Consultants, we will always represent our clients on an individual basis and will aim to conclude your claim as quickly as possible - while ensuring that you receive the highest possible level of compensation.

  • What are the different types of power lines?

    There are a range of different types of power lines out there, each with their own voltages, structural features, and purpose. Depending on whether you live in a rural area, a town, or a city, your property could be within metres of any one of these powerlines.

  • How much money will I receive? Is it taxable?

    The total compensation figure you will receive depends upon the amount of electricity apparatus crossing or swinging over your property boundaries as well as the type and size of electricity line. Anything from 0.25% to circa 25% can be obtained.

  • My property was built after the lines were constructed - Can I still claim?

    The short answer is yes! This is a question that we are frequently asked by potential clients who will often presume that if they bought or sometimes built their house fully aware that the power line crossed their land they would not be eligible for compensation. This however is not the case as explained below.

  • Why should I use CLC? Our background

    Choosing the right representatives in the pylon compensation process could mean a huge difference in terms of the final payout. Compensation for electricity lines or pylons is a one off payment per property so it is important you get the highest possible payment.

  • Do the electricity lines or pylons have to cross my property or land?

    In short, yes. To have a valid claim against the electricity company some - or all - of the lines must cross over the boundary of your land or property, or be close enough to temporarily swing over in windy weather conditions (in what are known as swing claims.)

  • Why have I not heard about being able to claim before?

    There are actually several explanations as to why you have not been aware of your ability to receive a settlement as a result of having electrical apparatus on, or crossing over, your property.

  • I have received a pylon or power line compensation letter from Cambridge Land Consultants – what next?

    Cambridge Land Consultants may contact you directly after we have been investigating a claim for a nearby property owner and have discovered that you are also likely to be eligible for a payment. This is due to the impact the power lines have on the value of your property.

  • Public infrastructure vs property owners: five main culprits devaluing your home

    Public works and infrastructure, like train lines, airports, main roads and utility plants, can in many ways be very convenient for property owners who live close by.

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