Do the electricity lines or pylons have to cross my property or land?

Do the electricity lines or pylons have to cross my property or land?

In short, yes. To have a valid claim against the electricity company some - or all - of the lines must cross over the boundary of your land or property, or be close enough to temporarily swing over in windy weather conditions (in what are known as swing claims).

The legislation surrounding these claims, the Electricity Act 1989, allows for these so called ‘swing claims’ - as we will be discussing in an upcoming blog post.

We undertake a huge range of claims, from homeowners who have a few centimetres of lines overhanging or occasionally swinging over their boundary, right up to farmers and estate owners with several pylons and long stretches of lines over their fields and developers with potential compensation claims on development land.

There really is no such thing as a typical claim. As such, we take every claim on an individual basis and judge the claim on the facts of each case. We negotiate each claim individually, ensuring the best one off payment for the property owner is secured as a result.

The amount of compensation you receive depends upon the amount of apparatus crossing your property. With a swing claim, the payments are slightly lower - but can still result in significant sums of money.

If you are unsure if the lines cross, or if there is any potential swing of the lines near your property, please contact us here or call us on 01223 370011. A member of our friendly team will call you back to discuss your property and let you know if you may be eligible to claim. This is all at no cost and no obligation to you - there really is nothing to lose.