Wooden pole electricity lines – it is now possible to claim

Wooden pole electricity lines – it is now possible to claim

The electricity companies are now starting to settle compensation claims for wooden poles. Such claims can involve double or single wooden poles, with or without stay wires.

If you have one or more of these poles on your land, you are likely to be able to claim compensation.

Similarly, if you just have cables from wooden poles crossing your boundaries, you are still likely to be able to claim.

For many years the electricity companies have been settling compensation for large steel pylons and towers. However, the legislation relating to these also covers wooden poles. Therefore, if you are affected by wooden poles or attached cables, we advise you to contact us today for a no obligation, no cost assessment.

Types of pole line

Wooden pole lines come in various different specifications. They can be single wooden poles or double wooden poles. Some will have transformers mounted and may also have stay wires supporting them.

Wooden pole compensation varies according to the number of cables and whether the poles are single and double. Whether or not there is a transformer mounted may also impact the compensation payment.

The electricity lines supported by these poles typically come in 11kv and 33kv voltages. Occasionally, wood poles can be used to support 66kv and 132kv power lines.

Wooden pole lines can have two, three, or six cables strung along them.

Wooden pole

How much will I receive?

Quite frequently, wooden pole compensation payments can come to several thousands of pounds. Settlements of between £5,000 and £30,000 are not uncommon depending on the specification of the power line and other factors such as property value. How close the poles and cables are to your property will also affect your compensation claim.

Matters that do not affect your ability to claim:

  1. If you bought your property with prior knowledge of the line’s location
  2. If the property was built after the pole line was
  3. If you paid a discount for the property, taking into account the line
  4. If you are receiving annual payments for the wood pole(s)

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

As indicated above, compensation claims have been made on large steel pylons for many years and this is not new legislation. However, it is only recently that the electricity companies have conceded that wooden pole lines cause a loss in value to property. While the right to claim has been present for many decades, this loss in value point had not been accepted until recently.

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